Saturday, January 18, 2014

Vsauce (YouTube Series)

Michael Stevens: loveable polymath who has read the entire encyclopedia and freely shares his joy of learning with the rest of us!

Michael Stevens. Creator of "Vsauce." I love this man. A lot of people do.

This Kansas-native has a theatre background and a dark past as a class clown. He even has his own Wikipedia entry already due to his work on his YouTube channel, "Vsauce":

It's pretty amazing how his popularity has skyrocketed when you consider that he has only been making these videos since 2010 according to his YouTube "about" page. As of today, he has six million, four hundred ninety-three thousand, six hundred and three subscribers and over five million views! This gives one a lot of hope for humanity. It shows  how hungry the general population is for reliable, relevant information, and that the internet is not necessarily doomed to pornography, spam, ads, flame wars and trolling.

Speaking of trolling! This video gives me hard core nightmares! Yikes! (But it's really good!)

Vsauce's channel consists of 10-minute videos which chain together incredibly well-researched facts into a condensed storyline. These are focused presentations that bounce from subject to subject or fact to fact at a rapid speed. The amount of new and novel (and entertaining) information packed into a single video is amazing!

Vsauce covers many subjects. In addition to science, he also likes to talk about language. This video is about one of my favorite things: swearing! 

Mister Stevens went to the University of Chicago and studied neuroscience and English literature. He dabbled in political comedy on social media before moving onward and upward to Next New Networks, which was acquired by Google. Vsauce was also acquired by Google, but he has researched, cut together and shot his own videos up until about a month ago. He now works as a programming strategist for YouTube. (All this biographical info is according to this interview.)

What makes Vsauce so loveable is how uplifting it is. Every single video gives you a sense of joy and discovery about the incredible way the world fits together. It gives you the sense that we study science and art because we love to learn and it makes us happy. Vsauce views math, physics, history, psychology and astronomy and knowledge of EVERYTHING as incredibly humanizing and positive. And you'll never watch a video and hear just a bunch of redundant facts that you knew already. He really digs for quality information.

Even the videos he clicks "like" on are mind-blowing!

It's all free and fast, so if you aren't already subscribed to Vsauce, here's the link:

His social media: