Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'm playing around with the interwebs! (quick announcement)

Hello, out there!

I've changed a couple things around with my blogging stuff and wanted to link and condense them for you.

Aside from this format right here on Blogger, I thought I'd try out some other things. They could all end up being terrible. I thought I would see which of these ideas work and which don't. Maybe none of them will! I dunno.

YouTube. I've been thinking of doing my ranting out loud instead of typing all the time. Sometimes, I think that reading long bricks of text is too much.

Here's my first video:
"Are you an asshole?"
I have several topics that I would like to ramble about aimlessly- preferably without having to get out of bed before noon. I do not have a computer at the moment and my video-making app does not allow me to edit or go over 5 minutes.

Etsy. I have really been wanting to just goof off and relax with clay and felting and other silly little crafts. So far I have one uroplatus phantasticus in the store. I don't know if I'll put more in there or not.

Zazzle. I've also been wanting to get half-decent at digital painting, but that will require a lot more effort and expense (and therefore procrastination. Heh). I have at least three projects for other people that I need to get serious about, but I also hope to start painting a few of my dreams. If and when I get around to this, the designs will end up in this Zazzle store. In the meantime, I put a pair of very old pencil drawings up.

Instagram. I frequently take pictures of little plants and nature here in California. My phones and computers seem to fry a lot, so I like to have an online account where I can both share and keep them.

Facebook. I have a lot of mixed feelings about social media, but I decided to finally get an official page instead of just an account. So now, people don't have to send a friend request or do that awkward... "Follow" thing in order to get Facebook updates.

Like my page!

I'm trying out a lot of other things that are even less well-prepared to see the light of day. It's especially frustrating to see my own disorganization with the whole Lost Atlantis thing. I've been trying to work up an online character Bible using Weebly, but I'm not sure how that's turning out. I might need to do a physical Bible first. I need to invest a lot more in the drawings and map-making and editing and charting. I'll actually get serious about making a set of of covers suitable for printing once I've finished all six of them. I think I want to wait until I've interlinked them all very carefully before thinking about releasing them. I'll have to interlink the first book better with the other five as well. I'm planning to do the first draft of book four after finals this December. My mind is a blank so far, aside from the most basic outline and elements. I've been rereading Harry Potter to try and get better insights into creating a fun world and trying to figure out Star Trek to get insights into creating enjoyable conflict based on distinct characterization.

And school starts in a couple of days! I really wish that I had read all my textbooks this summer and had studied for the GRE earlier. Pfft.