Sunday, May 22, 2016

My cat develops a thumb-sized panda on her head. I give aliens milk-water. (dream)

Image by By Edmund Schluessel (Sanyo S750i k va) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


I'm in my kitchen with coworkers and family. Everyone is behaving in a pleasant, banal fashion. A bevy of my cousins mingle with a manager from an old job. Everyone indulges in drinks and finger foods. But there's a palpable tension in the room. We're required to interact like we would under "ordinary" circumstances. They want us to behave the way we would if no one was watching. But we can't. How could we?

They are in the house- aliens standing at the opposite end of the room. They aren't even bothering to hide themselves. There's no division between the living room and the kitchen, and they simply stand and talk to each other to my right in a non-English language while I do the dishes. The cat sits at my feet and watches me. The aliens are humanoid, but have soft, damp-looking, reddish-pink skin with a glossy, veiny texture, large, purple-gray eyes with no pupils, no hair, and tubes coming out of various places along their bodies.

I don't think anyone noticed they were taking over. The takeover wasn't violent, but it was firm. The entire planet is under their watch and we conform to their rules. One of those unspoken, unwritten rules is that we must provide housing for them when they require it. But they don't seem all that interested in us. They just talk among themselves. We're all very concerned about this. Are they taking notes? Are they making sure we don't act a certain way? How do their senses work? Do they know things about us that we can't?

Something wonderful has happened ever since the aliens came though. My cat and I have developed a  telepathic bond! The cat does not speak English and I don't recognize her as having any speech capabilities, but most thoughts aren't in words. I can feel what she feels, see, hear and sense many of the things she does and appreciate her perspectives. I understand when those perspectives drive her to certain behaviors. But despite an increase of information through this bond, it has only increased the mystery that I feel is surrounding this small animal. It has made me more aware of and respectful of her wishes.

That is relevant because another bizarre thing has happened. There is a tiny, pinkish, repulsive creature I can only describe as a limbless panda that has grown out of her head. I would have removed and killed it a long time ago if I didn't know how profoundly important it is to her. So I just stare at it now and then.

I look out the window at aliens' spaceship. It's a smooth, dark gray obelisk with a drill-like top that seems decorative. A half "s"-curve forms the ship's bottom. The ship levitates over the surface of the earth.

I wonder if they are always going to have control over our day-to-day lives like this. I feel as though something has to break soon. We've all been accepting and polite with each other for weeks or months now, and I don't know how much longer things can stay that way. Sooner or later, something's going to have to come bursting out in order for us all to get back to equilibrium.

I fill up my Brita. I get the sense that they have a thing about water. I put a little bit of milk in a glass of water to see how they react if they decide to take a sip. They've been eating our food and drinking our drinks for the most part, but I haven't seen them drink milk. Maybe if there's just a little milk in it, they'll take it and I can see how they'll react. Maybe it was the color they disliked or the strength of its smell. Maybe it will affect their skin.


The space ship shaped like a spiral obelisk was inspired by homework. I had some online math problems in which I had to find the graph of different functions. One of the more interesting-looking ones was the graph of the domain of the inverse sine of the square of something with two variables. It looked a little like a smooth tower with a really nice curve to it.

In order to make the spaceship, the graph would have been rotated around the flat image's vertical center. That would give it volume (last semester's homework). On the first day of this semester's math class, the professor described the graph of (cost, sint, t), which made a spiral come out of the board. That gave the sea shell top and bottom to the spaceship.

The aliens might be describing social tension. I've been feeling some stranger danger lately- not hanging out with people I feel truly trusting of (takes me several years, usually- I don't know how people manage to pick up and drop "friends" so quickly), although of course I do have my core people as well (the friends and the family and bosses all present and mingling). The "alienation" might also spring from the fact that most of my communication with these people for the past several years has been at a distance through the internet, through travel, etc. I've also been reaching out to socialize casually on the internet- the wisdom of which is very uncertain to me at this point.

I am lucky to have my cat! The panda growing out of her head mimics a pattern on the fur of her head and seems to be a wild, independent side to her that cannot be messed with or removed. Awww. I wouldn't want to in waking life! (Although she does bite to wake me up very, very early in the morning so she can eat fresh canned food. Maybe I wish that would stop).