Saturday, March 4, 2017

I steal a blue, glittering notebook and almost get shot. (dreams)


I enter a Barnes & Noble bookstore. The blue notebook I came here for flashes at me out of the corner of my eye. I have to steal it because I know my father will be glad I did after he's dead. So I take it; I put it under my arm and walk out of the store slowly. I try to be cool, but once I'm outside, I can't stop myself from breaking into a run. Ice and snow have turned the entire landscape white, but I manage to get out of the parking lot onto the sidewalk and keep running! But lots of people are walking back and forth on the sidewalks.

Two people in front of me are arguing at the bus stop. Then the one facing me points a gun at the guy in front of him! I'm way too close to them! I can't go back, so I buckle down and run past both of them. I hear a gunshot, but I know I wasn't hit because I'm still running and I'm not going to stop anytime soon! I look behind me and the guy is still pointing the pistol at him. I'm amazed that nothing has stopped me so far, and I'm shocked that I might be stopped by accidents like the weather or street violence instead of something more just, like someone protecting the goods I stole.


I feel as though I'm having this dream kind of late. My father died over a year ago and I went through his affects then, including a lot of written material. There was one thing he wanted me to do for him when I asked, knowing his illness was terminal... but I've done it already. It worked out quite well. His aspirations for the materials I was given instructions for were realized. But I don't think it would've bothered him too much if I hadn't succeed. There are still a lot of other little things I could do that might have made him a little bit happier. But there was one big thing I was told that he wanted me to do above all else that I absolutely cannot. I can't alter my religious beliefs for anyone, including him.