Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Joker may have had someone kill Batman in Morocco. (dream)

Picture by mconnors at Morguefile.com


The camera is omniscient. I'm a detective coming down some stairs into of a building made of adobe. We're in Morocco and I have a couple of local police officers backing me up. We've been summoned to a crisis in a restaurant. We must have arrived at the right spot, and a little too late, because on the floor in front of the bar stools is what appears to be a human body lying under a white, linen sheet.

The Joker is here at the bar among the gawkers. Accompanying him is a soft, gummy rabbit made of soft metal. The bunny's features make him look like a little gummy bear, but a gummy bear the size of a cat with elongated ears.

Several people have stopped to look at a corpse lying on the floor of a very busy corridor. The bunny just  happened to be passing by only recently. The bunny is really cute, but I don't trust it. It seems to have even more vigor and juice than the Joker, its companion. He doesn't match anyone or anything in the building, except the Joker. And the Joker seems to be feeling quite alive and well, just a little bored. Several hours prior, they both went upstairs into the hot noonday sun. I wasn't there to stop them for questioning.

I lift up the thin fabric. The man underneath is dead. He's wearing a Batman mask. There are several holes in his torso with dried blood surrounding holes singed with flesh and dried blood.

There's another criminal investigator in the building, but he's private. I can't expect him to do well. But he looks as though he means business.

The bunny and Joker seem genuinely confused.

"I'm going to regret having compassion, for those two, aren't I?" The police and I leave the crime scene to the private detective and we leave the Joker and the bunny and go back to the station. The bunny immediately starts causing trouble by whipping out a pistol. It seems to be some kind of extension of the Joker.

I go further into a nearby building and weave in and out of darkened, tiled, public showers, which open up into sunny gardens where parties are being held and I suddenly have no clothing to wear except for towels.


This dream took place a very long time ago (last summer). The worst thing that was happening around that time was my cat's severe respiratory illness and renal failure. Actually, I wasn't doing much of anything at that time except feeding her meat baby food with a little spoon, finding kitty foods she was capable of eating, helping her in and out of the litter box, playing kitty songs and videos for her, and giving her subcutaneous fluids. It was a very sad time, but I'm glad I could take care of her, and at least I had her with me, alive and taking some enjoyment from her videos of birds and squirrels. At the exact same time, I'd gotten into a pretty serious argument with my best friend of almost 10 years (and we knew each other 10 years prior to that). I thought it was over for two of my very best friends.

The main connections I can think of with the time and the dream is how the seemingly good may or may not be genuine (the guy dressed as Batman wasn't definitely him) and the villains weren't necessarily evil, unstoppable or even large. It wasn't the Joker, but a much less obvious, innocent-seeming bunny that did the most damage. There's no evil to blame for my cat's multiple illnesses, or even (more arguably) the ending of yet one more old friendship from my hometown. And if there was a goodness to the ending of the friendship, well maybe I needed a break and it was good for both of us to get motivated to try something new. The maze may symbolize all of the running around I had to do to take care of my cat: finding affordable IV administrators, visiting her in the vet's boarding room, appointments with the vet, giving her the new medication on top of the old, being told she wouldn't last the night and crying my eyes out for her in and out of the clinic- completely unprepared (without the right clothes).