Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Second experiment on my graphic design tablet!

Quick study of a photograph of a statue by Francis Derwent-Wood. 

I'm at home sick today, so am looking for stuff to do.

I looked up public domain images and I'd never seen or heard of this artist before! The picture I found was of a statue called "Leda and the Swan" (the man is bent over a swan). It seems like this Derwent-Wood person was a popular sculptor in the Victorian age. My study looks so different from the original- I made it kind of creepy! There was no swan in my reference photo! I wasn't sure why he was so bent over, so I took out most of the white. Later I found out what was going on with the figure's unusual posture.

I really enjoy this little $30 Bamboo tablet! It does all the basics with none of the mess or expense of paint or charcoal.

On another note, I do apologize for my lack of focused posts... I'm trying to figure out what kind of "online presence" an author should have- especially an author with only 1/6 of a series done. I'm in the middle of overhauling book one, I'm trying to build an author website, and I'm also trying to decide if Twitter is worth while.

Monday, June 17, 2013

My first experiment with "Autodesk" on the Bamboo tablet

Hello! I've just started goofing off on my brand new little beginner's tablet, and here is my very first drawing, done with the bundled software that came with it.

The program's called "Autodesk" something-something. I've done some tracing with Art Rage too, but didn't pick up a knack for it. Autodesk feels a little more like organic drawing materials but it's still very different. I can't write my name properly on it yet.

So this is my kitty! I got bored and didn't bother with fleshing out the laptop case she's sitting on (I'll never get tired of sketching her though! Kitty love!)