Friday, August 2, 2013

Sorry for abandoning the blog! (rants)

Sorry for abandoning my blog for so long! I've been working like crazy on my main body of writing projects (book two of Lost Atlantis, several plays and screenplays, etc.) and I'm also doing a lot of reading about how to write better (especially since I might not be able to continue majoring in English. There are really strict requirements for to the schools I'm looking at transferring to).

I won a drawing contest by joining author James Scott Bell's internet mailing list, and got a 100% free, autographed copy of his book:

It was a fantastic read!

I also picked up a copy of the Portable MFA in Creative Writing and am dedicating myself to finding ways to improve my ability to entertain.

I'm coming out with a third edition for my first novel, and I'm making some major revisions, especially with regard to less exposition. I feel pretty bad about not having a finely polished product out there right from the start, especially when I've had really strong support from the very, very small group of people I've come out of the writing closet to. But I had to put something out there to get a feel for how Kindle self-publishing works and to see what would happen. Well, I know what happens now! I'm crossing my fingers and gearing up for the rest of the series.

Also, I'm going to start taking down my old dream diary posts! Maybe a few years down the road, I'll start a brand new dream diary.