Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Second experiment on my graphic design tablet!

Quick study of a photograph of a statue by Francis Derwent-Wood. 

I'm at home sick today, so am looking for stuff to do.

I looked up public domain images and I'd never seen or heard of this artist before! The picture I found was of a statue called "Leda and the Swan" (the man is bent over a swan). It seems like this Derwent-Wood person was a popular sculptor in the Victorian age. My study looks so different from the original- I made it kind of creepy! There was no swan in my reference photo! I wasn't sure why he was so bent over, so I took out most of the white. Later I found out what was going on with the figure's unusual posture.

I really enjoy this little $30 Bamboo tablet! It does all the basics with none of the mess or expense of paint or charcoal.

On another note, I do apologize for my lack of focused posts... I'm trying to figure out what kind of "online presence" an author should have- especially an author with only 1/6 of a series done. I'm in the middle of overhauling book one, I'm trying to build an author website, and I'm also trying to decide if Twitter is worth while.