Monday, January 11, 2016

"Indominus rex" hatches in the center of my gaming house! (dreams)

Image by William D. Matthew [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


I'm in my house in a room built like a circular dome. The room's interior is brushed chrome, with lighting panels covered over with thick glass. There's no furniture.

At the center of the house is a hard-shelled, ivory-colored egg. The egg has to be at least 10 ft. tall- taller than a human being for certain.

The egg begins to crack. Embryonic ooze slides down the blue scales surrounding a red-veined, crimson eye which twitches ever so slightly. The indominus rex has is about to hatch.

I have a family I have to protect: myself, two kids of about 8 and 10 years old, and a man just slightly older than me. He seems like a distant relative- maybe a second cousin. We've got to get out of here!

But we're small and therefore very slow compared to an animal whose stride that can surpass the length of an entire Starbucks.

What's more, we have nowhere to hide. The arena is a perfect circle. The dinosaur won't have any problems getting to us if it wants to.

There are metal doors placed all around the 360 degree circumference of the dome-room, but we have no idea which of the metal doors is unlocked. We have to experiment with the doors instead of knowing what to do based on experience.

The dinosaur fully emerges from the shell. It's enormous. I don't know how it fit in that egg! It wobbles to standing in the center of the room.

I try one of the door handles and shake it. Nothing!

We run for the next door and try it. Nothing!

We run to the next one. Indominus rex reaches one of its long, bony talons for us.

KLANG!!! We barely get of the way fast enough. Its claw is so close can see all the grooves in its keratin nails and the fleshy part of its cuticle. Indominus is slow and inaccurate. It's our only blessing. It's still just getting oriented though. I expect that it will pick up the pace very quickly.

The indominus rex has bent the metal balcony, but we're not likely to be able to break down any metal doors. All of us spread out and try different doors. My cousin and the kids go one way, spreading as they go, and I run in the opposite direction, hurdling over the debris that the indominus has loosened on the walkway.

I can picture us in the grip of those hands, but as I keep checking doors, the dinosaur stops trying to grab us. I catch sight of something dangling on a long rope at the top of the metal dome.

I look across the arena and I see that my cousin has found an unlocked door! I make a sprint for it! The open door is almost exactly 180 degrees away, and the dinosaur is facing it, but I have no choice! There's nowhere for me to hide, so I think my best chance for survival is minimizing my time in this dome.

As I'm running, I see Tarzan on a vine distracting the dinosaur. He swings all over the dome and away from the door opening as I come closer. The indominus is entranced, and so am I, but I don't have time to stop.

I enter the narrow doorway. The indominus won't be able to get into it or poke around in it either.

I wait for Tarzan. Isn't he coming?! I leave the door open for this mystery guy and I run to an upper level of the dome to see if he needs help up there. How did he get here?

On the upper level of the dome, the indominus seems unlikely to reach anything. But I can see the full glory of the man as he begins a new swing from up here at the top. His skin is a dark tan and he has black, crimped hair and a knife at his side. His body is lithe; he's pure muscle. He's serious as hell, but he seems free. There is a peacefulness and a joy to him. There's a calm acceptance and adaptation to the brutality of life about him. While he is in this moment, nothing can touch him. He does this sort of routine with dinosaurs like this because he enjoys it. He has no altruistic motivation to save us. He has no reason to swing around the dome with the indominus. He is simply in the middle of experiencing one of the purest, freest joys and deepest concentrations, that I have ever seen. I can't help but feel in awe of this man. I wish I could feel the same way, but I don't. I'm terrified. All I can do is feel this way vicariously through him.


This is a definite collage of visuals from yesterday. I spent the day with someone new and we had a conversation about indominus rex. While we had that conversation, an image of Tarzan from my textbook ran through my head. It was an image that really helped me to understand the tension of a string moving in a circular motion.

I also made a bid on a ridiculously old gaming laptop that still has good specs as far as I can tell. The design of the interior of the house had the exact same feel as the laptop I bid on. Last semester, I had been trying to learn how to code on my phone. I don't recommend it.

I'm very fortunate to be able to afford a "new" computer that should be able handle my software needs (I'm crossing my fingers on that one... I won the laptop off of Ebay, which has always been highly unreliable for me in terms of quality, people accepting responsibility for dealing with agreed-upon terms, non-delivered packages, incorrect items, etc.), but despite how I think I'm getting a good deal based on the information I've been able to gather... I am worried that I haven't made the right decisions with my money. Money goes so fast and I'm still looking for positions of the sort that will help me get into grad school. I don't have a steady, active stream of income and I don't want one either if it's not going to further my new career of choice. Better to spend time going to college to get a job that might pay a living wage than to waste time on a job paying minimum wage.

Dinosaurs are often a symbol of past problems being reconsidered. They've been one of my most frequently recurring dream themes ever since I hopped a plane back to my hometown. When my dad received the "terminal" and "advanced stage" diagnoses, I had one of the first of many dinosaur dreams. I still don't understand why I'm having so many of them. Dinosaurs don't scare me at all in real life. Actually, I wanted to be a paleontologist when I was a kid. I adored them.

Also, indominus rex isn't a real dinosaur. It's like a modern dinosaur. It's been fused with the genetic material of modern animals. And it's derivative of a remake of one of my favorite childhood movies. What does that do to the dream symbol?

And what's up with Tarzan?

Who is this family that I've never seen before?

I don't understand this dream yet. Maybe more of the meaning behind these repetitive dinosaur symbols and my recurring pencil and circus dreams will come to me in the next few months.